the bff 
g-eazy concert xoxoxox 

I remember in the 7th or 8th grade you bought this book “wtf” at the library cause the cover looked “cool”…. you were so goofy. I wanted to borrow the book, but I don’t think I ever finished because I didn’t care for it or whatever, so I just returned it to you. Now I want to read the book, I want to be able to talk to you and ask you for it but I physically can’t because you’re gone and it makes me sad. It makes me wish things were different. And I start to think about the holidays and how you’re family must be in pain and how there has been so much change. I just wish you knew how much you were loved still, that’s what gets me every single time, how did you not know. how? I really wish I could borrow that book, but I really wish you were still with us, even more. 

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i bought a parakeet i need names 

i’m genuinely happy with my life right now. i know that some things cannot be changed at the moment but i am thankful for my friends and just how my life has changed for the better in this last year. 

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me and livy poo 
i love you wittle baby

lookin classy af
boy friend :*